Jan 21 – Wittenberg

10210 steps today.

This morning we headed to Wittenberg where Martin Luther studied and nailed the 95 articles to the church door – an event that we celebrate as reformation day.  Our tour guide took us through the Luther House as well as a tour through the town including the two churches.


Here our group is standing infront of the famous doors of the castle church.   The church is current being restored to prepare for the 500 year anniversary in 2017,

IMG_7580 IMG_7579 IMG_7578 IMG_7576 IMG_7572 IMG_7567 IMG_7566 IMG_7565 IMG_7564 IMG_7563 IMG_7562 IMG_7561

An original hymnal



IMG_7555 IMG_7554 IMG_7553 IMG_7552

Look into the lecture hall. It was noted that the students would stand for up to three hours to hear the lectures.  I am not sure if this would work at Calvin.

IMG_7551 IMG_7545

The following picture depicts the 10 commandments

IMG_7543 IMG_7542 IMG_7541 IMG_7540


We then headed to Berlin.  Before stopping at the hotel we visited the Berliner Dom.



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