Wed Jan 16

Only 6791 steps today.

I am sorry that I did not take too many photos today.

We had lots of snow today.  At our hotel this evening there is around 2″ on the ground.  All the trees, rolling hills and fields looked very pretty in the freshly fallen snow.  On the other hand, the highway was pretty full of traffic, so the travel was a little slow going.

This morning we stopped at Gentex in Erlenbach and were treated with their hospitality.  They gave us a presentation on the Gentex products and gave us a tour of their offices along with some demos of their products and a look at their test car.

We then took the autobahn to Ulm.  (Many students were a little disappointed to find out that the autobahn is just the German word for highway and that the bus has a governor restricting the speed to 100kph max – but there were some cars zipping past at a very fast speed.)  At Ulm we visited the cathedral which has one of the tallest cathedral spires in the world.  Many of us (including me) were looking forward to climbing the 768 steps to the top, but alas it was closed due to the bad weather.

Tonight we ended up in Lansberg am Lech and are staying in a nice hotel.  Across the street many students joined prof. Nielsen in eating pigs feet for dinner.  I opted for some fried pork loin….

dIMG_7357  IMG_7355 IMG_7356IMG_7354


Prayer request:  a few days ago we took a student to the doctor to get medication for strep throat.  He is doing much better – please pray for continued healing.   We also have another student that has a sore throat/cold and are hoping that it does not turn into strep throat. – Please pray that all of us remain healthy for the duration of the trip.




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