Europe Step-by-Step

It was one of the first days in Amsterdam with the group.  Prof Ned Nielsen was up front leading the group and I was in the back keeping the stragglers in line.   It was sort of a “Pied Piper scene – one that we do in every place we visit.  A few differences from the Piep Piper story is that Prof Nielsen is usually smoking his pipe rather than playing a pipe.  AND we plan to return all the students at the end of the month.  🙂

One of the students with me in the back of the group asked me how old Prof. Nielsen was.  I replied that he was 70 years old to which the student replied “He sure is a fast walker for someone that is 70 years old!”.

We typically do a lot of walking and we like to walk at a brisk pace.  🙂

I have a step counter and thought that I would let you know how many steps that I have taken each day so far.  The student’s step count mileage may vary…

Jan 8: 19601 steps
Jan 9: 18310 steps
Jan10: 13374 steps (we were on the bus for most of the day)
Jan 11: 24092 steps

Most of us sleep really well at night.


Leonard De Rooy


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