January 8

This morning we visited Vermeer Manufacturing in Goes NL.  Jaap gave us a great presentation about some of the challenges of being a US company that exports to all parts of the world.

IMG_6806 IMG_6805 IMG_6804 IMG_6803

Thank you Vermeer for you hospitality!

We then headed to Veere to see the wonderful town with cobbled streets and wonderful houses.  At one time a great sea port, Veere is now a vacation village.

IMG_6830 IMG_6834 IMG_6836 IMG_6837 IMG_6838 IMG_6845IMG_6844 IMG_6843 IMG_6842 IMG_6841 IMG_6840 IMG_6848 IMG_6851

I also found a nice boat


We stopped at Middelburg for some lunch.  The bus stopped by a nice pedestrian bridge.  Maybe I will use this bridge for a class project someday.

IMG_6854 IMG_6862

We then stopped by Oosterschelde to see the storm surge barrier.  We had a chance to feel the cold wind off the North Sea.

IMG_6824 IMG_6822 IMG_6821 IMG_6818 IMG_6817 IMG_6816 IMG_6815

Joop is our bus driver and is able to get the huge bus into very small spaces.



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